Begriffliche Abgrenzung und aktueller Stand

Robert Hamlin und Co-Autoren haben in einer Studie rund 40 Definitionen des Begriffs Coaching aus der akademischen und nichtakademischen Fachliteratur analysiert und ausgewertet. Als Ergebnis (Synthese) stellen sie fest:

“Coaching is designed to improve existing skills, competence and performance, and to enhance their personal effectiveness or personal development or personal growth.“

„Life Coaching is a helping and facilitative process – usually within a one-to-one relationship between a coach and a coachee which brings about an enhancement in the quality of life and personal growth of the coachee, and possibly a life-changing experience.“

„Business Coaching is a collaborative process that helps businesses, owner/managers and employees achieve their personal and business related goals to ensure long-term success.“

„Executive Coaching is a process that primarily (but not exclusively) takes place within a one-to-one helping and facilitative relationship between a coach and an executive (or manager) that enables the executive (or manager) to achieve personal-, job- or organizational-related goals with an intention to improve organizational performance.“

„Leadership Coaching “… is a one-on-one relationship in which the coachee and the coach collaborate to assess and understand the coachee and his or her leadership developmental tasks, to challenge current constraints while exploring new possibilities, and to ensure accountability and support for reaching goals and sustaining development“.

Zur Frage nach der Abgrenzung von Coaching, Beratung und Training haben Robert Hamlin und Co-Autoren in ihrer Studie rund 20 Beschreibungen der Aufgaben und Praktiken hauptberuflicher Personalentwickler (HRD Professionals) analysiert. Ihr Ergebnis:

„professional coaching is substantially the same as many aspects of contemporary HRD [Human Ressource Development, d. V.]“, und ihre Kritik: „these writers appear not to have compared the learning processes associated with coaching against the innovative approaches to individual, group and organizational learning associated with much contemporary HRD practice.“